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Our range of services span from website needs, to database backup and recovery, to office printer fixes. Whatever your small business or non-profit need, we can provide a solution, day or night.
We strive to provide absolute solutions from the beginning of your problem to the end, and even offer support thereafter. Our work is professional and our solutions are of industry standards. We offer this and much more, at a reasonable cost to our clients. Consider KBO Solutions for the next IT challenge your organization faces. We will work diligently to present a lasting solution.

Web Solutions Our Web Solutions service offering consists of helping you with securing a domain name, creating a website or redesigning an existing one, and hosting of websites. We create both HTML sites as well as Wordpress sites. We also assist with logo design and Search Engine accessibility of your site.
Database Solutions We specialize in database administration for both Oracle and SQL Server databases. We can assist you with installation, upgrades, optimization, migration, and restoration. We are also skilled in data manipulation, data cleansing, and data migration, as well as SQL troubleshooting, query optimization and store procedure writing.
Cloud ERP Solutions We possess expertise in the various SuiteCloud Development Tools to extend your business needs during or after implementing NetSuite. We can assist you with customization around SuiteBuilder to add new Fields, Record Types and Forms, SuiteFlow to perform data validation and conduct workflow, SuiteScript to enforce business processes, or setup ODBC Connectors to access your data externally.

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